The Most Popular Types of e-Bikes

An E-bike can be a worthwhile investment. Not only are they great for fitness, but they are also ideal for traveling around the city on the days you would like to save money on gas or avoid traffic altogether. However, it’s essential that you choose an E-bike that will suit your needs as well as the environment in which you live. Luckily, there are several models that you can choose. Let’s talk about four of the most popular types of E-bikes.

electric bikes

Pedal Assist

If you are interested in an electric bicycle but would still like to be able to pedal the bike yourself, then you should consider purchasing one that is a pedal assist, also known as pedelecs. These types of electric bikes have electric motors which will only work when the rider uses their legs to power the bike. The motor is activated by a pedal action sensor which is designed to detect when the bike is in use. Most of these models are limited to 20 mph and will not operate with motors that go above 750 watts. The great thing about these types of electric bikes is that they give you the ability to choose the degree of power that you need from the motor. So you can tailor the performance to your specific requirements and environment.

Power on Demand

The biggest difference between power on demand E-bikes and those that are pedal assist is that power on demand will give you the ability to both activate and control the motor. Whether or not you choose to use your e-bike In this way, you have complete control of the motor and can use a trigger, throttle or button that is positioned on the handlebars. However, some models may also feature pedal activators as well. Power on demand E-bikes can go up to 20 mph and usually feature 750-watt motors. These bikes give you the ability to choose precisely if and when your engine assists you, as well as the level of power it provides when it does. You can go from a bike that is human-powered pedaling to one that is fully motor-powered riding to a mixture of both. So if you are someone who enjoys cycling but also likes to rest your legs from time to time, then this bike offers the best of both worlds.

Speed Pedelecs

Speed pedelecs, also referred to as S-pedelecs, are similar to average pedelecs in that they are also equipped with 750-watt motors with a max of 20 mph when the motor is used as the sole source of power. However, speed pedelec is different in that they give the rider the ability to combine the strength of their legs with the motor. This combination means that the ride can achieve greater speeds than the standard 20 mph. In some states, these electric bikes will require registration because it is possible for them to reach the rate of full-scale motor vehicles.


There is a lot to consider when you are purchasing your first electric bike. When you are trying to find the type of electric bike that is best for you, it is crucial that you take the time to think about what you are interested in getting out of the whole cycling experience. Would you like a bike that is low-impact–something that will help you to get back into shape slowly? Would you like to find a bike that will give you the ability to keep up with your children or a spouse that is a little faster than you? Will your electric bike be used more for leisurely activities or for your practical everyday needs such as running errands here and there or making a commute to and from your workplace?Would you like something that is physically challenging? Are you on a tight budget and looking for something that is affordable and easy to use? Is your area filled with steep hills or other difficult obstacles? Do you enjoy taking breaks during your cycling routines? These are the questions that you should keep in mind. There are no on size fits all solutions, however, if you take the time to do the proper research you will find something that is tailor made for you.