How To Maintain Your Electric Bike

When it comes to cycling, there are few pieces of equipment that you will find more convenient than the e-bike. E-bikes can save you money, energy and get you to your destination relatively quickly. They are more eco-friendly than cars and use more technology than traditional bikes. And because of this, it is easy to assume that electric bikes don’t require any maintenance; this could not but further from the truth. Though e-bikes are more convenient than traditional bikes, there are a few things that you need to do to ensure that your bike is always ready for your next ride. Let’s take a moment to discuss a few straightforward and easy tips for making your bike lasts as long as possible.

Keep Your Battery Charged

ebike batteryIf you would like to ensure that you get the most out of your battery, then it is paramount that you keep it charged. While some models can handle the battery being drained completely, there are others that perform at their best when the battery remains fully charged. Place it on the charger when you are at home. Hook it up to the charger when you are out and about, running errands with your bike. Asking shop owners to charge your bike inside or on the outside of your store should not be a problem because it will only cost a few cents to reach a full charge. Just keep in mind that if you own an electric bike that has a lithium battery, you need to maintain the temperature low. Temperature monitoring means that as soon as the charging is complete, remove it. You can tell if the battery is too hot by touching it. Working to preserve your battery is a huge step in ensuring that your bike is well maintained.

Lubricate The Chain

electric bike chain lube

While most people don’t expect that electric bicycles have chains, some models do. And just as with traditional bikes, the more you lubricate the chain, the smoother your ride will be. Not only should you keep the chain lubricated, but you need to be mindful of the type of lubricant you choose. For instance, the wet lubricant will stay wet to the touch until you decide to wash the solution off; it’s waterproof, so it is excellent for rainy weather. However, when conditions are dry, it tends to attract a lot of debris. Dry lube soaks into the chain and is dry to the touch; it’s ideal for locations that are dry. However, it must be reapplied often. Another example is wax lube. Wax lube not only keeps the chain lubricated but clean as well. However, it doesn’t last very long and tends to leave behind a filmy residue. So it’s important that you choose a lubricant that works best in your particular environment and riding conditions.

Maintain Proper Air Pressure 

e-bike tire inflation

If you want to ensure that your electric bike lasts for a long time, then you must take special care to inflate the tires properly. The air pressure could mean the difference between a smooth ride and full blown replacement. You see, when your tires get too low, they become more susceptible to pinch flats which usually happens when the tube gets pinched between your rim and your tire. It is a good idea to keep the pressure at 50 psi for an e-bike if you are a rider who falls into an average weight range. Lighter individuals can maintain pressures between 40-45 psi, and heavier riders can maintain a pressure of 55-60 psi. The longer you ride on a low-pressure tire, the more wear and tear you place on it. So it is a good idea to carry a mini pump so that you will be ready in case of an emergency.

As you can see, if you want to ensure that your electric bike lasts as long as possible, then there are a few things you need to do to maintain it. You must keep the battery charged and made sure that t does not overheat. You need to use a lubricant that best suits the weather and your riding conditions. You should also keep an eye on your tires and make sure that they always have the proper pressure.